Thursday, 24 September 2015

Shadow Box Frame

Hi All

I've been meaning to show you the frame I made for the Blue, Bubbles & Shell project below which I created a couple of months ago. 

We didn't have any frames to hand and haven't had time to get one so I decided to make one out of card based on Amanda Bates' tutorial from The Craft Spa.

From playing around with measurements, to have an inch border, add 7" from the measurement of the card. The card is 7"x7" so to have an inch border I needed a 14"x14" black card which I didn't have so I used 5 different sections to build up the frame:
7"x7" (Section A), 4"x9" (x4 - Section B, C, D & E)

With the 4" on top, score all the 4"x9" cards at 0.5", 1.5", 2", 3", 3.5"
Turn clockwise to have the 9" on top and MARK at 1.5" and 7.5" do not score all the way down!
Score from the mark to the 1.5" score line - creating a corner triangle.
Cut these triangles out and Sections B & C are ready.
For the Sections D & E, with the other 9" on top:
Score at 1" and 8" down to an inch
Score diagonally from the bottom of the above score line to the edge of the card an inch down.
Cut out these sections.

Now to assemble the frame, start with Section A as the base and adhere Sections B & C on top and bottom.
Then add Sections D & E on the sides.

Hope this makes sense and is helpful to those who wants to do bigger Shadow Box Frames.

Thanks for looking and happy crafting.


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